Billy and Charlene’s wedding was ridiculously fun! It was particularly exciting for us because it was so unique, unlike anything we had taken on yet. Billy and Charlene come from vastly different cultural backgrounds, and they wanted both cultures to be represented on their big day. So they had their ceremony at St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, which was absolutely stunning, then they exchanged their vows at the reception hall.

Now, about that reception hall - it was supposed to be on Peanut Island, but bad weather kept the ferries from running us over to the island. Fortunately, the marina we were supposed to leave from just happened to have a reception hall on the property. Being the easy-going, positive folks Billy and Charlene are, they just rolled with the punches and had a killer time at the plan-B venue.

The evening was full of Greek music, dancing, laughter and countless smiles! Everyone in attendance was an absolute joy to work with. Billy and Charlene have something truly special and we wish them all the best for the future. Big thanks to them and their loved ones for allowing us to be a part of their special day.


Fun fun fun

Fun fun fun

Couple new packaging goodies.  Can’t wait to send out the latest projects with this stuff! #gonorthfilms #packaging #cinematography

Couple new packaging goodies. Can’t wait to send out the latest projects with this stuff! #gonorthfilms #packaging #cinematography

American Heart Association's Go Red Fundraiser Photobooth

Creagon and joy’s awesome outdoor beach wedding

GoNorth Films featured on 100 Layer Cake!

Our good friends (and web designers) David and Morgan just had their wedding featured on a super cool wedding blog called 100 Layer Cake today!  I had the pleasure of making their video, which is also part of the blog post.  It’s nice seeing my work showcased by an outfit as cool as 100 Layer Cake!  

Here’s the link…

Happy times!

Full Sail University’s Santa Land

Me and my good friend Emily of Emily Grace Design had the opportunity to do a photo booth for Full Sail University’s annual Santa Land event.  It is an event held every year for the employees and their families to bring their children to enjoy games, gifts, prizes and LOTS of candy.  Emily build the backdrop and supplied all the props so most of the credit goes to her - I just took the photos.  

This was a lot of fun so I think I’ll be looking to do more of these in the future!  Here is the link to the photos…

Wedding Budget

I’ve worked primarily with couples who are on a somewhat restrictive budget.  It serves you well when dividing up your budget to prioritize what matters most at your wedding.  Look at it this way - at the end of the day, what are you taking away from your big day?

Food - gone

Flowers - gone

Decorations - gone

Tables & chairs - gone

Linens/plates/silverware - gone

Time in venue - gone

Photos & video - forever!

Of course it’s important that your wedding day is as beautiful as you imagined it, but keep in mind what you’re taking away from it (aside from your shiny new spouse) and budget accordingly!

Just a little advice from a recently married wedding professional :)

David and Morgan’s NC wedding adventure!

New video posted!